Artisan Panettone

Artisan italian Panettoni

Panettone is a typical dessert of the Christmas tradition, widely spread throughout Italy. In our pastry shop this dessert is artisanal and without preservatives, so it is important to choose a product made with genuine ingredients like ours. This genuine product is exported all over the world. Excellent to eat in company, alone, in practice it adapts to all occasions. Our pastry shop offers it in various types according to your tastes: with chocolate chips for the sweet tooth, with almond, with raisins, with candied fruit or to be stuffed to your liking. We use the ancient recipes and the best processing methods dictated by tradition.

The artisanal Panettone are not all the same

It’s impossible to fall for it, some photos speak clearly to you and tell you don’t buy me!
Not ours, which although amateurish, made with our modest equipment, show you the artisan panettone, the king of all Christmas sweets, in all its goodness.
How not to notice the difference between the soft dough of our panettone, light and porous, just like the inside of a good panettone must be, and all the others that appear hard and dry from the start.
Make no mistake, buy artisan panettone from those who know how to make it and have been preparing it for years with countless successes.
The real artisan panettone must necessarily follow phases without which we would not have the result you are all used to. The procedure involves several stages of processing and rest, alternating with precise and temperature-controlled timing.
We use only the best products on sale, the best flour, locally produced honey, butter, milk and fresh eggs, products that are readily available in our area and always of excellent quality.
Our panettone are really selected and of excellent quality, do not contain any type of dye or preservative and are baked several times a week. In this way you will have the certainty of having a freshly baked panettone at home, which will delight you like few others.

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