Buying an artisanal panettone from our site does not mean “taking the risk” of making an online purchase that could be good or disappointing.
Whoever approaches to shop here automatically becomes the most important of our customers.
The attention we pay to serving those who physically enter our pastry shop is the same as we place in serving you and trying to satisfy your every request or answer all your doubts.
For this we invite you if you need it to contact us by phone or email, to ask us for any information or clarification.
The products we use to make artisan panettone for sale in our online store are exactly the same used for the panettone sold in pastry shops, they are the best on the market, of the highest quality, to offer you a panettone that satisfies you and totally satisfies you.

Top artisan Panettone

The best artisanal panettone are the ones that can be eaten by everyone in a few minutes.
The greatest satisfaction is to win over even those who claim to “don’t eat panettone because they don’t like it”.
Well we pride ourselves on having won this challenge too.
Offer it to your friend who is reluctant to taste the panettone because it is heavy, because he does not like it, because …
and you will give him 10 why to eat one slice and another.
Of course, don’t expect this reaction by bringing industrial pandoro to the table, not even the best of these can hold a candle to a soft, exquisite, light artisan panettone, naturally leavened that will make all your diners lick their lips and have an encore.