Gluten-free Christmas Baskets

Gluten Free Christmas Baskets

If you are looking for a gluten-free Christmas basket to make a special gift for a celiac person, you are on the giuto site.
Indeed you have entered the right pastry shop.
We prepare all gluten-free products in a separate laboratory, following the more traditional procedures.
We work year after year to improve the goodness of our desserts, while encountering obstacles and difficulties due to the need to choose gluten-free raw materials.
Our customers say they are more and more satisfied, now we are also waiting for your opinion and advice.
Gluten-free Christmas baskets can be delivered directly to the recipient throughout Italy.
Make your purchase and you will receive it within a couple of days.

What to give to a celiac

Christmas is approaching and this year you would like to be able to find a gift for a celiac person who knows how to positively surprise him and does not disappoint him as has happened other times.

Choosing something in the food sector, for those suffering from intolerances, especially gluten, is not at all easy and it is also very delicate.

You cannot contact or make purchases on any website, you absolutely must buy your sweets from a serious and trustworthy pastry shop, which does not reserve you any nasty surprises.
This is why we invite you to buy your Christmas basket from us.
We specialize in products for food intolerances, with particular attention and dedication to gluten-free products.
We work them in a dislocated laboratory, certified by the ASL to guarantee you maximum reliability and uncontamination from substances harmful to the health of a celiac.
We serve several pharmacies throughout Italy and this should have convinced you to try our gluten-free products!
Buy a Christmas basket with a roundup of the most requested sweets, or if the recipient is a chocolate glutton, choose from our wide range of chocolates, filled or not, all gluten-free.
All strictly handcrafted, fresh and without preservatives.
Gift boxes for celiacs

Create your own gift box for Christmas, full of sweet gluten-free treats.

Contact us to tell us what you would like to include in the gift box for celiacs and we will be happy to prepare your fantastic personalized gift for you.

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