Gluten-free Christmas basket with Pandoro


The Christmas basket proposed on this page includes several products including a pandoro and a panettone, both certainly gluten-free.
This is to make your Christmas or that of those who will receive the basket unique and satisfying.
N.B. the packaging and the colors of the baskets may vary depending on availability

The gluten-free Christmas basket contains

  • 1 Pandoro without gluten from gr. 450
  • 1 Pandoro without gluten chocolate chips from gr. 450
  • 1 box of gr. 250 of gluten-free chocolates of artisanal production
  • 1 pack of 200 gr. gluten-free cat tongues
  • 1 pack of 200 gr. of mixed gluten-free shortbread biscuits
  • 1 pack of 200 gr. of gluten-free lady’s kisses
  • 1 pack of 200 gr. of gluten-free taralli


Just turn, your gluten-free desserts are here, buy them online

If you have been around pastry shops and supermarkets for a long time, looking for gluten-free desserts that don’t make you too sorry for your food sacrifices, perhaps Christmas is the period in which you are most burdened by not having a reference.
If you are looking for a pastry shop where you can buy your desserts in total tranquility and serenity, which gives you confidence but above all knows how to make gluten-free desserts, you have found it now.
Buy from us the gluten-free Christmas basket, with a pandoro and a panettone both gluten freee, which will amaze you with their goodness.
It also contains a roundup of the best desserts that can not miss on your table during the Christmas period.
The gluten-free Christmas basket will be an excellent and original gift to give to a loved one who suffers from gluten intolerance.
The products in the basket are as well as gluten-free also lactose-free , to avoid any problem even for those suffering from both food intolerances.


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