Flavored macarons


Inside the package you will find macarons with chocolate shell, coffee, turmeric, ginger, filled with chocolate cream, hazelnut, pistachio jam.
Pack of 6 pieces
Lacose free and gluten free


Sugar (7.14%), Egg White (7.14%), Dried sweet almonds (7.14%), Icing sugar (Sucrose, corn starch ( 3%)) (7.14%), Passata ‘Oro’ Apricot Unica (Apricot puree 50%, Sugar, Glucose syrup, Gelling agents: pectin – sodium alginate, Acidity corrector: citric acid – sodium citrate, Preservative: sorbic acid , Antioxidant: ascorbic acid, Aromas) (7.14%), Espresso Coffee (Original 1921) (Coffee, Water) (7.14%), Hazelnut Pasta ‘Cremosa’Italia – creamy medium roast (toasted and refined HAZELNUTS (99%), emulsifier E 471) (7.14%), TURMERIC (7.14%), Bitter cocoa powder (7.14%), CAPRICCI PISTACHIO (SUGAR, FATS AND NON HYDROGENATED VEGETABLE OILS (DICOCOA BUTTER, SUNFLOWER OIL, SANDWOOD OIL), PISTACHIO 17%), MALTODEXTRIN, EMULSIFIER: SOY LECITHIN; SALT, DYES: CHLOROPHYL, CURCUMIN.) (7.14%), gianduia whims (sugar, fats and non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (cocoa butter, sunflower oil, safflower oil) ong> HAZELNUT 14%, maltodextrin; skim cocoa powder, emulsifier: lecithin disoia, salt flavorings.) (7.14%), Hazelnut Paste (7.14%), SHORTCUT ESSENCE (VEGETABLE OILS AND FATS [80%] (FATS (PALM, COCONUT AND ALMISTS IN VARIABLE PROPORTION)) OILS (SUNFLOWER ALTOOLEIC)), WATER, EMULSIFIER (E471), SALT (0, 3%), CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE, AROMAS.) (7.14%), Colors: E171 – others (7.14%). FOR ALLERGENS SEE INGREDIENTS INGRASSETTO. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: Nuts / Walnuts.


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