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Prussiane are caramelized puff pastry biscuits arranged in the shape of a fan.
If you haven’t tasted a Prussian yet, now is the time to try it.
The promise is that you will never forget it again.
Friable, light and sweet at the right point, our advice is to heat it just before eating it, to enjoy it to the fullest.
They will be delivered to you fresh out of the oven. To enhance their taste, we recommend that you heat them a few seconds before eating them.

Main ingredients

Margarine, flour 00, sugar, water, salt

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Freshly baked Prussian is the top

Exquisite and adored by young and old alike, Prussiane are light and tasty sweets, perfect for breakfast or even for a snack at any time of the day.
Offer them to your guests and the great impression will be guaranteed.
We have a habit of serving our customers at the top and that is why We will send them to you ONLY AS soon as they are out of the oven.
So you will have to wait about a couple of days before receiving them at your home, but it will be really worth it.
We recommend that you reheat them for a few seconds to serve them on top.


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