Lactose-free basket Pandoro and typical Apulian cakes


The basket without lactose Pandoro and typical Apulian sweets contains the following products:

  • 1 Pandoro of kg. 1
  • 200 gr of artisanal almond sweets
  • 100 gr of Panvinesco
  • 200 gr of nuns’ sweets
  • 200 gr of tree peel
  • 200 gr. baby Jesus bearings


The specialties of the lactose-free Pandoro basket and typical Apulian sweets

The Sweets of the nuns are made of royal dough, dipped in a delicate icing and then half dipped again in chocolate. You will never get tired of eating them for how good they are.

The “ Panvinesco ” Traditional Tranese dessert is made with vincotto, flour and spices.

The mustard is made with grapes from our countryside. It is a special jam that we produce to make our most famous Christmas sweets.

The Ugly but good are delicious sweets made with chopped almonds and lemon zest.


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