Lactose-free basket Panettone and typical Apulian cakes

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The Christmas basket that will surprise and excite is just that: With panettone of your choice, rich in our Christmas specialties , all handcrafted and strictly lactose-free </ strong >.
The basket includes:

  • 1 artisan Panettone of your choice among those available
  • 200 gr of Panvinesco
  • 200 gr of “Brutti ma buona” with almonds
  • 200 gr of nuns’ sweets
  • 200 gr of Baby Jesus Pillows
  • 200 gr of tree scroze
  • 1 jar of Apulian grape mustard


What you will find in the Lactose-free basket Panettone and typical Apulian sweets

Some desserts need no introduction, for others it is right to say a few words and explain “why” it deserved to be chosen.
Panvinesco is a very ancient dessert of the Tranese tradition.
One of our associations has promoted the spread in Italy of this typical Christmas sweet goodism, made with one of the most loved and used products here in the Christmas period “the vincotto”.
Our patisserie is among the few that have joined the panvinesco spread program.
Clearly lactose-free and handcrafted in our laboratory.

Another gem of ours is Mustard . Much more than a simple jam, produced with the very good grapes of our countryside, it can be used in different ways. Simply spread on a toast or also used as a filling for shortcrust pastry or tarts.

The Ugly but good are delicious sweets made with chopped almonds and lemon zest.

For the Baby Jesus Pillows , it is not enough to say that they are good, for me they are the best, delicate in the combination of flavors such as almonds, sugar and lemon, immersed in a light and special icing that wraps them … they are unique, to try.

The Nuns’ sweets are another of our flagships. It is not simple royal pasta, it is the nonplusultra of the satisfaction of the palate, for true gourmands and connoisseurs.


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