Panettone with White Chocolate

da 25,00

The only description I can give you to define the white chocolate panettone is this: The panettone that melts in your mouth.
After all, that’s what our customers continually tell us. Since I am sure that words are not enough, I insert a short video, because I absolutely want you to realize what you would miss by not buying it.
Panettone of about 1 kg .

Main ingredients

Type 0 flour, sourdough, granulated sugar, honey, pasteurized egg yolk, water, butter, brewer’s yeast, white chocolate



Delicious drops of white chocolate in the soft dough of the panettone

When I first prepared the white chocolate panettone I was really excited about it, but I never imagined such a success.
Maybe it’s because white chocolate is so buttery and tasty that it makes the dough softer and tastier than the other panettone.
What is certain is that by now more than half of the panettone requested by our accustomed pastry customers is the white chocolate one.
Ask for it simple, as well as fresh from the oven, or covered with a delicious glaze of melted white chocolate.
Whatever happens it will be a show to eat it, and a guaranteed success with your guests who will taste it.
Have no doubts, order the white chocolate Panettone now


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