Traditional vegan panettone

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The traditional Vegan Panettone is filled with raisins and candied fruit, you can choose the almond or simple version.
If you are Vegan or simply intolerant to eggs or lactose , this Christmas you can buy a Vegan Panettone without sacrificing quality or taste.
Buy this delicious homemade panettone with 100% vegetable ingredients from our pastry shop, therefore lighter, more digestible and above all in line with vegan ethics .
To make our vegan panettone, we use BIO FLOURS .
Panettone of 750 gr. about
Shelf life of the product stored in a cool and dry place: about 40 days.

Main ingredients

SOFT WHEAT FLOUR type ’00’ (29.41%), Manitoba wheat flour (29.41%) , Water (11.76%), Granulated Sugar (8.82%), Candied Orange cubes6x6 (Orange peel, damais glucose-fructose syrup, cane sugar, lemon juice) (12.74%), raisins (grapes, vaseline oil) (12.74%), shortcrust pastry essence (vegetable oils and fats [80%] (FATS (PALM, COCONUT AND PALMISTS IN VARIABLE PROPORTION) OILS (HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOWER)), WATER, EMULSIO-NANTE (E471), SALT (0, 3%), CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE, AROMAS.) (8.13%), Professional Crem (Water, totally hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel 20%), sugar, isolated soy proteins, stabilizers: E420ii, E463, E339, emulsifiers: E472e, E433, E472b, salt, flavorings, color: beta-carotene (E160a)) (8.13 %), Mother yeast wheat powder (5.88%), Compressed brewer’s yeast (0.01%). SEE INGREDIENTS IN BOLD FOR ALLERGENS – only for the almond option: Almonds, soy milk
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More and more people are choosing the traditional Vegan Panettone

If the vegan panettone is exactly as good as the classic one, then there is really no reason not to choose it.
With the advantage of being cruelty-free and that is in full respect of animals as well as our health , it will fully satisfy you with the classic flavor of candied fruit and raisins inside.
Light and soft, it is made with high quality products from our historic pastry shop which has always stood out for its seriousness and attention to the requests of its customers.


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