Lactose-free chocolate panettone

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  • Panettone handcrafted.
  • Lactose free and milk protein free .
  • Contains no preservatives.
  • We bake the chocolate panettone every week . The last batch from your order will be delivered to you.
  • The panettone filled with chocolate chips is wrapped with gift wrapping paper, as shown in the image

Panettone of 750 gr. about
Shelf life of the product stored in a cool and dry place: about 40 days.

Main ingredients

SOFT WHEAT FLOUR type ’00’ (25.90%), Manitoba wheat flour (25.90%), pasteurized egg yolk (10.36%), Water (10.36%), Granulated Sugar (7.77%), Extra dark chocolate (Cocoa: 52% minimum) (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: lecithin, vanilla extract) (7.77 %), Wheat sourdough powder (5.18%), ESSENZA FROLLA (VEGETABLE OILS AND FATS [80%] (FATS (PALM, COCONUT AND PALMISTS IN VARIABLE PROPORTION)) OILS (HIGH OIL SUNFLOWER)), WATER, EMULSIFIER (E471), SALT (0.3%), CONCENTRATED DILIMONE JUICE, AROMAS.) (5.18%), Honey (1.55%), Compressed brewer’s yeast (0.01%). FOR ALLERGENS SEE INGREDIENTS IN BOLD
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Now you have found the best Lactose-free Panettone with chocolate

A soft, naturally leavened dough as required by the most traditional of procedures, with delicious dark chocolate chips, will cheer Christmas even for those suffering from lactose intolerance and thought that they would no longer be able to taste a chocolate panettone worthy of the name.
Available with or without chocolate glaze
Even if you have tasted many, you will hardly find a chocolate panettone like ours.
Unique and delicious, even more so if you think it does not contain any trace of lactose.
Perfect therefore, even for those who suffer from allergies or do not tolerate milk protein at all.
Buy it easily online from our pastry shop.


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