Lactose-free traditional panettone

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Available in almond or plain.

  • Lactose-free and without milk proteins – suitable for lactose intolerant and people allergic to high protein
  • Taste the classic artisan panettone, raisins and candied fruit, fresh from the oven. We will deliver the last batch made from the moment of your order
  • Soft and porous, synonymous with excellence. Even those who do not suffer from intolerances will not notice the difference in taste
  • Possibility to choose it with or without almond icing
  • Delivered in a gift box as pictured.

Panettone of 750 gr. about
Shelf life of the product stored in a cool and dry place: about 40 days.

Main ingredients

Manitoba wheat flour (31.64%), pasteurized egg yolk (12.66%), Granulated sugar (9.49%), Australian raisins extra quality sunbeam (9.49 %), Candied fruit [cherries, fruit peels, frozen fruits] (9.49%), Water (6.33%), Wheat sourdough powder (6.33%), SHORTBREAD ESSENCE (VEGETABLE OILS AND FATS [80%] (FATS (PALM, COCONUT AND PALMISTS IN VARIABLE PROPORTION) OILS (SUNFLOWER ALTOOLEIC)), WATER, EMULSIFIER (E471), SALT (0, 3%), CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE, AROMAS.) (6.33%), Professional Crem (Water, totally hydrogenated vegetable grasses ( palm kernel 20%), sugar, soy protein isolate, stabilizers: E420ii, E463, E339, emulsifiers: E472e, E433, E472b, salt, flavorings, color: beta-carotene (E160a)) (6.33%), Honey (1.90%), Brewer’s yeast , compressed (0.01%). Only for the Almond option: Sweet almonds, dried (0.75%) FOR ALLERGENS SEE INGREDIENTS IN BOLD.
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Even the traditional panettone is lactose-free

The traditional lactose-free Panettoene is the most classic and sought after of all panettone.
It contains raisins and candied fruit which give the panettone that scent that makes it such a special, unique and loved dessert.
Our lactose-free panettone with raisins and candied fruit does not contain traces of milk , it is suitable for both lactose intolerant and allergy sufferers.
Trust our historical experience and the quality of our products.
As with all other types of panettone, the traditional lactose-free could not be missing.
The consistency of the dough is as many of you already know, light, soft, with a delicate flavor that never tires.
If you are looking for a special idea for a gift to a person suffering from intolerances, you are on the right page.
Complete your online purchase, trust our products, our seriousness and professionalism in total serenity.
For many years we have been producing lactose-free products and we have developed a special recipe, which makes the lactose-free panettone absolutely as tasty as the classic artisan one.


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