Lactose-free Panettone with raisins

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Available in almond or plain.

  • Taste an artisanal panettone, fresh from the oven
  • Made with certified vegan margarine. Lactose-free and milk protein-free
  • High quality, soft as you’ve never eaten it. Taste excellent for everyone, even for those who have no problems with intolerances
  • Made only with genuine ingredients – without preservatives
  • Delivered in a gift box.

Panettone of 750 gr. about
Shelf life of the product stored in a cool and dry place: about 40 days.

Main ingredients

Pasteurized egg yolk (16.26%), Water (16.26%), Granulated sugar (12.19%), Australian extraquality sunbeam (12.19%), Common wheat flour type ‘0’ (8.13%), Wheat sourdough powder (8.13%), Manitoba wheat flour (8.13%), SHORTBREAD ESSENCE (VEGETABLE OILS AND FATS [80%] ( FATS (PALM, COCONUT AND PALMISTS IN VARIABLE PROPORTION) OILS (SUNFLOWER HIGH OLEIC)), WATER, EMULSIO-NANTE (E471), SALT (0, 3%), CONCENTRATED LEMON JUICE, AROMAS.) (8.13%), Professional Crem (Water, totally hydrogenated vegetable fats (palm kernel 20%), sugar, isolated soy proteins, stabilizers: E420ii, E463, E339, emulsifiers: E472e, E433, E472b, salt, flavorings, color: beta-carotene (E160a)) (8.13%) , Honey (2.44%), Brewer’s yeast , compressed (0.02%). Only for the Almond option: Sweet almonds , dried (0.75%) FOR ALLERGENS SEE INGREDIENTS IN BOLD
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Lactose-free panettone with raisins to conquer everyone at the table

If you are looking for a Lactose-Free Panettone with Raisins, you are probably lactose intolerant, but maybe you are even allergic.
They are completely free of milk just to meet everyone’s demands.
Light, soft and delicate in flavor. Our lactose-free panettone will conquer the palate of everyone, including the most suspicious and disillusioned customers.
Those who bought the lactose-free artisan panettone duo online on our website are satisfied with making other purchases.
Give us your trust and you will see that we will not disappoint you.
Buy your lactose-free panettone now, with tasty pieces of raisins inside.


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