Panettone without candied fruit and raisins


Given the many requests from customers who do not like panettone with raisins and candied fruit, it seemed essential to offer you a totally empty Panettone .
Hesitant? You must not! I wouldn’t have proposed it to you if it hadn’t passed the litmus test of our demanding pastry customers.
It has been 100% approved and here you too, can buy it online from our site.
The artisanal Panettone we ship is always fresh from the last baked, light and soft as few, you can keep it for over 40 days and enjoy it in your moments of relaxation whenever you want.
Panettone of about 1 kg .

Main ingredients

Type 0 flour, sourdough, granulated sugar, honey, pasteurized egg yolk, water, butter, brewer’s yeast

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Are you also looking for a Panettone without candied fruit and raisins?

The beauty of an artisan pastry is that whatever desire you have you can ask.
It is precisely from the requests of our customers that we had the idea of ​​baking an empty panettone inside.
The panettone without candied fruit and raisins is covered with a delicate almond glaze and is so light, soft and tasty that it will leave you amazed.
Don’t give up on your Christmas cake even if you don’t like candied fruit or the raisin, your answer is just a click away!


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